I had Peggy do photos of myself alone and then with my dog. I was nervous at first because I had never done this before, but Peggy made me feel so comfortable, it turned out to be an incredibly fun experience. All the photos were amazing and very beautiful. My dog was going ballistic, and Peggy still got fantastic photos of him! I highly recommend Peggy for any photography needs you may have.
Linda B.

My partner and I got our senior photos taken by Peggy and we are so so happy with how they turned out! Impressed would be an understatement when it comes to how I feel about the photos she took. Not only did Peggy take incredible photos, but she made the experience so enjoyable for us and made us both feel comfortable. Mimi

Peggy is fantastic! I am not photogenic but she made me look great! Wonderful lady, professional 100%. Great photos! Debi

Janet was looking through my business webpage before her shoot. I love her remarks…
“I scrolled through your business head shots on your website, and first off, was delighted
to realize how many people I know that you have photographed.
Here are some pics I especially liked and why:
Erica Towe displayed speaking, listening, and thinking. I’d love to convey all of those.
India – wise and also open to learning
Beatriz Kieser was listening
Bradley Rathwill looks like he enjoyed something you just said
Laura Magpali looks like she understands
I like that you have a section “see yourself beautiful” and I hope to convey that at 73 years old.
See you next week!”

I want to say thank you to you Peggy, for working your magic to make me look so glamorous. You shopped for the perfect clothes for me to wear and did my hair and makeup. Hard for me to believe that’s me!  Linda

I’ve taken 3 kids to Peggy but this was the first time for our 4.5 year old, Simone. We’ve never had professional pictures taken of her and we were unsure of how Simone would act in front of the camera. Peggy did an absolutely amazing job of getting Simone to be her natural self and comfortable in front of the camera. The results is some absolutely incredible pics! We are beyond happy with what Peggy did!                                                                                                              Scott V.

Peggy is a very talented, patient and professional. She knows how to pull the best out of her subjects. I especially appreciated her showing me shots as we progressed through my session, to produce a portrait photo, which helped me make appropriate adjustments in expression, posture and to my clothing. The finished product was excellent and exceeded my expectations! In addition, I found her prices to be reasonable, and her turnaround time was astonishingly fast. I highly recommend Peggy!!
Randy Groves Eugene/Springfield Fire Chief

Peggy, Thank you so much. I was very glad that you did my make up so perfect, then found the right back drop for me. And I love the way you helped me pose, keeping my profession in mind. The amount of work you put for every little detail, makes your work exceptional!!! I am certain to promote you to all I know. It was such a pleasure working with you and Lini too sends love & hugs your way.

Hello Peggy,
Thanks for sending the link, the photos are fantastic! You have a real talent for capturing people as they really are. They will be very happy with these. And I can tell they were having a lot of fun, so thank you! This was the perfect gift for them!
All the best

Oh my goodness! these are fabulous!! And thank you for getting them back to us so quickly. We put Scott’s mom and sister on the plane back to Cincinnati this morning. It was great being able to see her reactions to her pictures. You made the session very easy, and now the hard part of what to pick for prints!

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! Your work is beautiful and you did a wonderful job at capturing Andrew’s personality!
We will look through them all and I will get back to you in the next few days with what we would like to order.
Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your time and your ability to capture Andrew. I will cherish these forever.
Jo Anne

I hear nothing but great compliments from the women you photograph… They like their pictures and that’s not an easy thing to do!
Val Stilwell, web designer

I appreciate all you did to make this such a fun and uplifting experience for me. I’m very delighted!

Peggy, WOW!! Great work!! You have really brought out my daughter’s beauty. She had a wonderful time and it strengthened her confidence within herself. She has yet to chose her senior photo, stuck between two choices. I on the other hand… love them ALL. Thank you for a wonderful experience for both of us.

Peggy Iileen is the BOMB!!! She’s an awesome photographer and she gives you a disk with all the pictures on it, she has taken pictures for Jim Carrey and various other celebs!
Peggy, you are so doing my wedding!

Thank you so much for making Kylee’s senior pictures such a memorable experience. You made her feel so relaxed and at ease. The photos turned out beautiful. Her dad and boyfriend are convinced she needs to go into modeling, so she can send them on some great trips. We will definitely be using you again.
Thanks so much,
Kristi (mom)

Thanks again Peggy.
You exceeded my expectations, big time.
Scott Matthews, author of the Adam Drake series.

Dear Peggy,
Working with you was absolutely great! You met all of my expectations of a professional photographer. Being a photographer myself, I am very selective when it comes to hiring a professional for my personal portraits. It was very comfortable working with you and you were very accommodating. We love our photos! I love that you include the digital files in your package and at such an affordable price! When I look for a photographer, this is an absolute must for me. When going through our photos, I loved them all! When I went through them again to choose favorites I picked over 60 photos! I don’t know how I will decide on enlargements! You are my Go-to Eugene Photographer! My husband and I thank you for your great service and look forward to working with you again!
Your Happy Client, Chelsie Rae

Peggy took beautiful pictures of me last April and taught me so much! Her talent in photography stands out and you can tell her passion for it just by talking to her. Her personality and smile warms up everybody in the room and I absolutely loved working with her!
Kaitlyn Sherburne

Dear Peggy,
Thank you so much. Your photos are beyond what I had hoped for! I really appreciated the professionalism, patience, creativity, understanding, and sense of humor you had during our shoot. You made it a fun and memorable experience for me. Thank you for telling me to be me–it really shows in your photos. I will most definitely tell my friends about your business so they can have the same great experience!
~Haley Forrester

I had such a great day with Peggy getting fabulous new headshots for my West Coast agent and my career. Peggy is such a pro and I felt confident, enthusiastic, and beautiful! Would love to work with her again.
Kyra Ynez Siegel

Hi Peggy,
Bridget’s pictures are beautiful.  I was very impressed with the amount of time you spent taking pictures of her and how you made her feel so comfortable posing for the camera.  I am glad Bridget chose you to take her Senior pictures.
Eileen Jamieson (mom)

Dear Peggy, When I saw the photographs of Anna, it took my breath away! Anna is an old soul, she is grace, she is tender, stands up for others, and has strong beliefs. I believe you have captured all of her qualities in your photographs. You are a very talented photographer and thank you so much for seeing my daughter’s beauty, grace, and humor and capturing her essence. 

Pamela Aarons (mom)

Everytime I have a session with Peggy, it is an amazing and fun experience! I had the best time shooting my senior pictures and that is all due to Peggy. She gives great advice, helps you pick outfits, and makes it a memorable experience. I could not thank her enough!

A few months ago, I began looking for a local photographer to do a boudoir photo shoot as a present to my husband. I found Peggy Iileen’s website, and was really impressed. I called and scheduled a photo shoot, which was done just a few weeks ago.
Peggy was very accommodating and professional, and really helped me loosen up and helped my inner goddess shine! I had no nervousness because she kept me smiling throughout the shoot, I was fully at ease, and I’m happy to say that it showed in my pictures! The prints were absolutely stunning, the lighting was perfect, and my self-esteem got a MAJOR boost. Ladies, if you’re considering doing a boudoir photo shoot, DO IT! She knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t make you feel awkward or shy. She is also good with hair, makeup, and wardrobe! 🙂 If you want amazing photos with a fun experience, choose Peggy! I promise you’ll be glad you did. I will definitely be back for more photos! ?
An extremely pleased customer

Hi Peggy,
We are so happy with the photos of Marina, and are a little amazed by the way you were able to capture her so well, having known her for such a short time. You really found both the sweet girl we have known, and the confident young woman she’s becoming, often in the same photo. Thank you for the prints of your favorites – they are beautiful. Now comes the challenge of deciding which and how many to order!
Thanks again, Peggy. You do great work!
Colleen DeChiara

Hi Peggy,
Elise’s pictures are absolutely wonderful- we are so glad you were her
photographer! I will pass the link on to family and friends so they can
order from you if they would like to. I will remind Elise to find some
time (hard to do most days!) to write up some comments for your website.
You are so gifted and we are so glad that we met several years ago!

Hey Peggy!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the photos! my mom and I have been going through them nonstop.
I loved taking pictures with you! It was both fun and helpful! I had no idea so much work went into the lighting and choice of locations. In addition to feeling like a real model, the pictures turned out fantastic and I can use them for everything! Thank you Peggy!

The pictures are beautiful and we had a great time! We’re so happy that we did this for Addison.
You have our blessing to put your favorites on Facebook or your website.
Thanks again…we will be coming back for you to shoot Addy!
Miranda Carpenter

Peggy: I am a 100% percent satisfied customer. Starting with the consultation, you prepared us for the photoshoot; to the photoshoot day, you applied the perfect makeup and took fabulous photos; and you make it easy to order prints or we can choose to do our own thing. I’m a happy camper!
Val (a senior’s mom)

I think one of your greatest gifts as an artist is in eliciting genuine, unguarded traits from each of your subjects. They are all beautiful because you make them comfortable and relaxed enough to reveal their inner beauty, passion, strength, vulnerability and sparkle.
Jen Phillips

“I am absolutely gratified by my photo session with Peggy. We took over 100 photos, which turned out beautifully and also look very professional; they will be of great use for my graduate and medical school applications.
Her decades of experience really show through in her interpersonal as well as technical skills; I really liked her use of lighting in the photos, and she was very knowledgeable in terms of the optimal body positioning for producing the best shots.
She is a very thoughtful and meticulous photographer and really pays attention to correcting small imperfections such as loose hair strands. Her studio itself is set up very professionally and yet is quite beautiful and relaxing, and her ability to converse and add humor during the session made me feel at ease and more natural in my photos.
Furthermore, I had my photo session with her on Friday, and since I had to leave Eugene the following Monday, she made a great effort to produce my CD the day after the session—I am very grateful for her promptness.
I will definitely return to Peggy for future photo opportunities!”

Hi Peggy,
My session was great! You were so friendly and fun; I couldn’t imagine having my senior pictures taken by anyone else. The photos turned out beautiful–I couldn’t be more satisfied. I can’t wait to share them with my family and friends. And I will definitely refer you whenever I get the chance. Thank you!
Ashley Weid

Hi Peggy,
I just wanted to let you know that I love my pictures so much and you did such an amazing job with them. They made me feel so beautiful!

Peggy, I just wanted to thank you again. My husband loved them!!!! I gave them to him on Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed. He was amazed! Thanks again!! It was a Merry Christmas!!!

We are in love with the final product from our photo shoot! You were able to create a perfect blend of our personal ideas and your own artistic touches. We are so grateful that we have beautiful pictures from our pregnancy as well as Addison at six months! We will cherish them forever!
Miranda and Chad Carpenter

Hi Peggy Iileen
Thanks a lot for the link and information. We are very pleased with the quality of our pics – It is amazing how many of them turned out so beautifully. The entire process was fun – you created a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, yet worked with such professionalism I had absolute trust in the turn out.
We are so glad we worked with you, and plan to return again in future for family photos!
Thank you, thank you.
Shelby, Tre, and Sweet baby Jayna

Hi Peggy,
Thank you so much for taking my senior pictures. I love them alot! I am so happy with how they turned out.
I had a great experience and you were very helpful with poses, makeup, and outfit choices. I loved the places we choose to shoot at. Also, I have done a class with you before so I felt comfortable in front of the camera and you knew what works best for me.

These are… absolutely phenomenal! You do incredible work and I LOVE the expression that you captured of Onyx in the second to last picture. I’m completely beyond satisfied with the turn out, so thank you again! What’s next?
Alex Darling

Peggy—They are “so Hannah” and show such a range of different moods, it’s amazing, you’re amazing at what you do. Can’t wait to see the rest. I’m glad we did the fun, informal cello pics too.

We have a fabulous experience each time we have worked with Peggy Iileen. She shot Sophia’s theater headshot and Lincoln’s 2013 senior photos. Peggy makes our family feel welcome and relaxed. She is professional, encouraging and very accommodating!
Deb James
Adams Elementary
Third Grade Teacher

Peggy – Thank you soooo much for working with us on our family portraits! You not only created BEAUTIFUL photographs, you made it so much fun! We didn’t want the typical formal family portraits and you fulfilled that for us. You were truly able to capture the “spirit” of our family in the photographs. Everyone was kind of dreading having to go and have the pictures taken. We all had so much fun that we are talking about getting them done every year! You have left us with only one problem…..How are we supposed to decide which of the many pictures to print?!?!?!?! We went to you because of what a great job you did on our daughter, Haley’s, senior pictures. Now Tanner (age 11), asked if you can do his senior pictures…6 years from now! He usually hates having his picture taken, but you have shown him how much fun it can be! We have already recommended you to several of our friends and will continue to do so.
Thanks again!
The Barrong Family

Peggy, the MuseLetter is awesome. I got chills looking at some of those photos, I love the ones near the old truck. And how did you get all those girls to jump and look good? I know you do so much work to get the photos ready to show us, they are wonderful!!! The baby is tooooo cute.
Kathleen Hogan

What an amazing gift you have!
Pamela Cournoyer
“Communicate with Class”

Hi Peggy,
You do such nice work! Thanks so much for sharing them. Loved all of your photos but just melted when I saw the little baby girl at the end with her big brothers.
Tammy Everall
Everall Design