Photography teacher, mentor, coach…

Sometimes we all need direction and guidance. I’ve turned to mentors and teachers over the years.

A mentor is someone who can help us see the bigger picture, and help you come up with a plan for creating and achieving success. How can I help you make your dreams come true?

That’s me teaching make-up to photography students.

I can…
-teach you to really see light.
-help you choose your best images.
-see your strengths.
-give you assignments to build your portfolio and website.
-help you see and develop your personal composition and style.
-help you set up your studio, if you have one.
-teach you how to do make-up for most of your shoots.
-show you how to help your clients choose wardrobe.
-help you decide how to handle difficult clients.
-show you how to make quick work of editing.
-shortcut you to success.

As your mentor I will be able to see your direction and help lead you there.
I can be an on-going mentor, as you need me, as you grow your business.
I know I needed the most advice after I opened my business.
Sometimes you may just need a quick call for advice.

I am available in person for a free 20 minute meet and greet.
My rates are $40 per hour once we get going.
Completely confidential.
Call or email,
peggy iileen
541 343-6544