80's Hollyweird, California


In the 80’s I had a thing for my Barbie Doll. I shot her in many different circumstances, some I could never show…Mattel would not like it!
I sold the Barbie and Ken in the candy image to a greeting card company and the words inside the card were “We’re made for each other.”
The other photo was taken at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip.
I had some crazy ideas, but we were all trying to out-crazy each other in the 80’s.
I made the Barbie Album Cover (“Barbie Live”…get it?) on the building the old fashioned way, shoot,
cut and paste.

I love it, keep the photos coming!! My 16.5 year old is really into the 80’s (clothes, photos, music, etc.) and I love the nostalgia! Oh goodness…..meeeeeeeeeeeeeemories….. :o)