peggy iileen,

Business Portraits, Eugene, Oregon
Which Kathy Young would you hire?


Note from Kathy:
“For many years I invested my time, money and memories to chain photo studios set up in malls etc., and I got what I paid for. Awkward poses, bad lighting and a choice of two poses for $19.99. How I wish I had entrusted someone like Peggy to capture the precious moments of my childrens lives from the start.
Peggy did my photo for a new business card/website recently and I was stunned at the reactions of my family, friends and clients. First, they commented on how wonderful I looked and then they went on to say that it really captured the essence of who I am. Clients said I looked like someone they could trust and would welcome into their home. Peggy achieved everything I wanted to convey and more. I look forward to bringing my family in soon. I cannot wait to see my children through her eyes.”