Maybe you want to test your modeling skills. Or maybe it’s time to get new photographs for your modeling agent. Let’s create a great modeling portfolio for you!

Young Working Model Aurora…
modeling portfolio for Aurora eugene oregonmodeling portfolio photographer eugene oregonAurora's modeling portfolio eugene oregonModeling pictures eugene oregonmodeling and acting photography eugene oregon

Mira’s new modeling portfolio. Our 5th time shooting together.

Playful model photos for Taylor

Calli asked her mom for a Modeling shoot for her birthday. I did her senior pics two years ago, now she wanted to try her hand at modeling…

Headshots for Model and Actress Helene…

Mati’s new modeling portfolio, this is our 4th shoot together.

Modeling portfolio for 6 year old Milo!

Modeling class for Lexie. Here’s a few pics from her new portfolio…

Simone is four and 1/2 and she is a natural. Her older brother and sister are working in the business and Simone wanted to do it too. She is animated on request and seriously pretty and easy to play with.

Modeling Portfolio for Maija N.

New photos for Mati’s portfolio…
modeling photography for Matimodeling portfolio for Matimodel Mati new portfoliomodeling photographs for Mati
Hi Peggy, I just got accepted into the Ryan Artists roster! I wouldn’t have been able to do it or even know that I could do it, without you. You’ve taught me so much, and have made me not only a more confident and knowledgeable artist, but a more whole person in general. Thank goodness my mom found you! Here’s to more photoshoots!

New pictures for Kris’ modeling portfolio…
modeling portfolio for Kris D. modeling photos for Kris D.Model photographs for Kris D.modeling portfolio photography for Kris model photos for Kris D.

A modeling session is about 2 hours and that is $300. You should be able to get 5 outfit changes in that time. I’ll help you figure out what to bring and do your makeup if you wish. If you are new to modeling, I will teach you a bit about the business of modeling and I will teach and direct you as we shoot. You will get all your pics on dvd and you’ll be ready to approach modeling agencies if that is your wish.
For the non-professional model I suggest the “SEE YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL”.
And check out the “Glamour Inspired” page for another shoot idea.

Modeling Photos for Andre Post
modeling photos for Andre PostModel Portfolio for Andre PostModel Photographer for Andre Post

Mati’s first Modeling Portfolio
modeling photos for Matimodeling photography for Matimodeling portfolio for Mati Jmodeling portfolios for Mati


Mali’s modeling portfolio


Kendyl is a graduate of my Modeling Class…new photos for her book!

this is Arthur Mock…
modeling pics eugene

Model style senior portraits for Alisa. She did her own makeup, I think she’s an artist!
senior pictures for Alisa E eugene oregonSenior portraits for Alisa E eugene, oregonsenior pics for alisa e eugene oregonmodeling portfolio for alisa e eugene oregonmodeling photography alisa e eugene oregonmodeling portfolios alisa e eugene oregonsenior and modeling portfolios alisa e eugene oregon

Cory’s first modeling portfolio…

modeling portfolio for Cory eugene oregonmodeling headshots for Cory eugene oregonmodeling photographer peggy iileen eugene oregon Cory Hern modeling portfolio eugene oregonmodeling photos for Cory eugene oregonCory's modeling photography eugene oregon

Zoey, age 9, has a Portland Agent…

Aidan is a fitness model…
fitness modeling photography Aidan H eugene, oregonfitness modeling photographer Aidan H eugene, oregonfitness model Aidan H portfolio eugene, oregonfitness modeling portraits eugene, oregon for Aidan H

Aurora is a 6 year old working model…

Ryker’s first modeling session


Pre-teen model Taylor’s first portfolio shoot!

Eric wanted his senior pics to double as model shots so he can seek out an agent…

3 year old Sahara’s modeling portfolio.modeling-kids-eugene-oregon-modeling-portfolios-eugene-oregon-modeling-photography-eugene-oregon-children-photographer-eugene-oregon-

Haley came in to the studio for her first modeling portfolio!

Cycle 9 Modeling Class June 2011

This class has been great for Malay, it was exactly what she needed. She has loved learning about posing and dressing for the camera, and I love the fact that she has learned subtle make-up techniques that bring out her natural loveliness without overdoing it. Thank you so much!

fashion modeling eugenefashion portfolio eugenemodeling classes eugene oregonmodeling photography eugenesports modeling eugenefashion portfolios eugene
I learned many things in Peggy Iileen’s Modeling Class. I learned to make my face look sweeter, jumping techniques, how to pronounce “Haute Couture” and it’s meaning, how to put make-up on properly and how to pose better. I really enjoyed the class and would check my email everyday to see if my pics were up from the last week. This class helped me with my modeling and I think I improved alot. Thanks sooo much!

This is Ashley
modeling-portfolios-eugene-oregonfashion-photography-eugene-oregonmodels photos eugenemodeling photography eugenefashion portfolios eugenefashion portfolios eugenemodeling photos eugene oregonmodel photography eugene oregon

Shelbey’s first model shoot!

Jody Coyote and Monarch Inspirations jewelry, for their fall catalog.

Paige, a track star, was discovered at a meet!
modeling photos, portfolios eugene, oregon
Dear Peggy,
It’s been a few months since I came in to see you at your studio, and a lot has happened lately. I submitted the pictures you took to two Portland-based agencies, and received inquiries from both. I was thrilled and frankly shocked (I’ve never been a fashionable person), but your expertise, advice and patience made it possible! I had so much fun being in front of the camera during our session, because you made it easy and comfortable. I went to Portland this past weekend to do a preliminary shoot for Options Model Management, and I couldn’t be more excited to work with them and keep using the tricks you taught me.
Best wishes and thank you so much!

Cycle 7 Week 3, the girls are FIERCE!…and we called in their boys!

Thank you so much for everything Peggy! I learned so much in 3 weeks; the experience has been invaluable. Your class has given me the confidence to pursue modeling.

I wanted to thank you for everything you taught me.
I appreciated all of your suggestions and ideas for me.

Hi Peggy,
I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU for such an amazing experience!
I learned a lot about myself and great tips on becoming successful in my dream!
I had a blast and I would LOVE to shoot with you again in the future.
Thanks again!
Christina :o)

Posing ideas from past classes…


Hi Peggy Iileen!
This is Maddi Shortt, a graduate from your modeling classes!
I wanted to let you know that I just signed with Ryan Artists up in Portland!
You prepared me so well for everything from knowing what to wear to go-sees to how to be comfortable in front of a camera. The photo shoot experience and portfolio really helped me enter the modeling business. I would definitely recommend your class to anyone hoping to enter the industry.
Thanks so much!
Hope you are well,

Reply to Maddie…
Oh Maddie I am so proud of you!
I can’t wait to see you do a really big campaign.
peggy iileen