College grads

Celebrate your college graduation with pictures! A new resume  business headshot is always included too!
At this time I am only shooting college grads in the studio.

College Grads Anna and Eugene. Anna is from Taiwan and Eugene is from China. They met at U of O having different majors. They will move to China, get married and begin their new lives. A very sweet couple.

Oregon State Graduate Jie Z.

U of O College Grad Photos for Stanley

Michael is a recent grad of Oregon State and is already working at a great company!

Graduation photos for U of O grad Megan and her son Ollie…

Eva Graduated from Evergreen College…

University of Oregon Grad Photos for Jacob and his buddies…

Carlo is the first one of his family to get a degree. He celebrated with pics to remember his hard work.

Ari graduated from Portland State University. Next she will be going to med school. She will very soon will be an OB/GYN.

Madison is graduating U of O with honors!
U of O College Grad Madison graduation photography
College Grad photographer

Taylor is a U of O Grad!
U of O grad senior photography for Taylor J.
U of O graduation photos for Taylor Jackson

Grad Photography for Ariana!
Beaver Grad photos for Ariana eugene oregon

Alexandra is celebrating her MBA with honors…

U of O college portrait photography in eugene, oregon

BFF U of O grads…

the Carlton family from Austin, who said…”All our money is here in Eugene now, we might as well celebrate the Ducks!” (their son is at U of O!)

When I saw that Sammy won the U of O Centurian award for leadership and service to the community, I asked her to come in for a shoot. Sammy has been involved with student leadership and activism and is already a dedicated volunteer. She will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Family and Human Services next spring to continue working to empower young girls and people with disabilities.

Lane Grad Olivia!

Adrianne 2013 UofO grad, Human Physiology

Jasmine is a U of O grad!