Eugene Photographer Quarantine Art

I love seeing all the art work (we didn’t know we could do) on Facebook. These are memories of clothing I loved. The first four are from the 80’s,…yep, tube top, permed hair and my favorite sunglasses. The sweatshirt dress with a lightening bolt belt…the dress with zippers all over and my soft hippy shirt I wore till it fell apart. The last two are from the 60’s. This took a few days…now what?

Studio Portrait Photography, in Quarantine…

Day Whatever of Quarantine
Boy this took us by surprise! I am amazed most of us obeyed the rules. I did! Me and the cats.
We’re getting through. I know this is a Monday cuz I know all the tv shows that are on.
I have seen way too many Gunsmokes. Miss Kitty was a hell of a woman!
I’m doing a little art work, planted more food than ever before, ate alot of stuff that took alot of time to prepare. Alot of stirring and chocolate involved. I’ve got my chocolate pudding down!
So now we wait, and gain weight, to find out if we will be safe to be around each other again.
I touch people when taking their pics, fix their hair or collar and I do makeup on most everyone.
I’ll be posting my thoughts until I have new pics to share!
Till we meet again, please be well. peggy iileen