Acting Headshots for Christy Taylor

Headshots from my Hollywood days…this is Christy Taylor, one of the Sirens in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” I was talking to a photographer friend recently about our studios in Hollywood. We were stylin’ if we had a north facing garage to shoot from! The second pic was taken at a house I rented in Van Nuys because of that light. North light was/is prized by artists. 

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Actor Quinn Hansen from South Eugene High School

Actor Headshots for Quinn Hansen. I first shot Quinn in 2014 when I did an actor’s workshop with Rose Children’s Theater. He’s part of the amazing talent that comes out of South Eugene High School, much to do with the brilliance of drama teacher, Pat Avery.

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Actor Simon Longnight Starring in “Hamilton”!

A big shout out to a local young man, Simon Longnight. He is starring in “Hamilton” with Lin-Manuel Miranda! He is playing Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Word on the street is that Lin-Manuel loves him! Isn’t that exciting!

Actor Simon Longnight Headshots Hamilton

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