Boudoir, Sexy

My lighting is beautiful for boudoir, glamour or sexy photography.
It’s very private in my studio, only you and me.
I would call my style “light-hearted” boudoir.

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Boudior Photography for Erica

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A few months ago, I began looking for a local photographer to do a boudoir photo shoot as a present to my husband. I found Peggy Iileen’s website, and was really impressed. I called and scheduled a photo shoot, which was done just a few weeks ago.
Peggy was very accommodating and professional, and really helped me loosen up and helped my inner goddess shine! I had no nervousness because she kept me smiling throughout the shoot, I was fully at ease, and I’m happy to say that it showed in my pictures! The prints were absolutely stunning, the lighting was perfect, and my self-esteem got a MAJOR boost. Ladies, if you’re considering doing a boudoir photo shoot, DO IT! She knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t make you feel awkward or shy. She is also good with hair, makeup, and wardrobe! 🙂 If you want amazing photos with a fun experience, choose Peggy! I promise you’ll be glad you did. I will definitely be back for more photos! 😉
— An extremely pleased customer







boudoir photography eugene oregon



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