I would best call this a “Self Confidence” photography session…connecting your inner and outer beauty. Guaranteed to return a lifetime of benefits, for anyone, at any age.

Maren’s mom gave her a portrait for her 10th birthday!

 Alexandra is celebrating her MBA with honors with a “See Yourself” photo session.
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In a “See Yourself” session…you’ll learn to do your best make-up…very clean and cover girl, using your best colors, and how to bring out the beauty of your eyes. 

We’ll find your best wardrobe styling. Then you’ll POSE, POSE, POSE while I encourage and direct, taking photos all the time! You’ll learn your best side, your best poses to use for the rest of your life,
how to lengthen to straighten your posture, how to focus and have courage, and how to smile with your eyes.This session is for you if…
-you want a boost of confidence that will stay with you forever.
-you want to see how absolutely beautiful you are!
-you want to learn to pose for the ever present camera!
There are testimonials below from previous clients that may explain the benefits of the sessions too! I was an actor and fashion photographer in Hollywood for 20 years and have been an advocate for young women’s self esteem for many years.

See yourself beautiful…inside and out…and beautiful photos to prove it!
It’s an experience that will return a lifetime of benefits.

Be fierce!
your photographer,
peggy iileen
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McKenzie’s mom gave her a “See Yourself Beautiful” session for her birthday!

Lexa received a 12th birthday photoshoot from her mom!

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Peggy iileen,
I just finished assembling a book with the pictures you took a couple of weeks ago. I’m still amazed at the beautiful girl you captured with your camera. Of course, I’m the mom, but your work was amazing!! Thank you, too, for your patience and great advice and instruction. I am happy to throw your name around to ANYONE who is looking for photos, for any reason. Thank you again, You’re amazing.
Best Regards, Jill
P.S This is Nikki here. I can’t believe how good you made me look in the jumping shots! you really know how to get a quick shot! I also love how you did my hair in the prom shots. You are the best!!

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My 12 year old daughter had a photo shoot with Peggy Iileen. Erin learned so much in the time they spent together. Peggy also gave Erin homework to help her take pictures for the rest of her life! The pictures were fantastic! Erin had so much fun.
Thank you peggy!

I learned many things with Peggy Iileen. I learned how to make my face look sweeter, how to put make-up on properly and how to pose better. I really enjoyed the class and would check my email everyday to see if my pics were ready. Thanks sooo much!

Leila is 9!
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