About Your Shoot/Prices

My sessions always include a high-resolution DVD of ALL your photos… to keep!
It’s pretty quick and easy:

1) call me, we’ll talk about your needs and how to prepare

2) get your wardrobe together

3) shoot your session

4) then I’ll fix up the ones you want to use

5) pick up your dvd with all your pics!

Session prices include the time for your shoot, my time preparing all your photos, retouching your chosen pics and finally preparing your DVD.

A full hour shoot is $225.

Included with every shoot…
Free consultation, with an interest in your intention for your shoot.
Help with wardrobe styling, full make-up or touch-up, as you wish.
Direction during the shoot to find your best side and expression.
I help you connect your eyes to whoever will be viewing your pictures –
clients, friends, your mate… Lighting to make your skin look beautiful.
Attention to the details; hair, clothing, etc.
Attention to color…backgrounds…wardrobe…lipstick.
Different backgrounds for wardrobe changes.
Privacy in the studio.
Comfort and care.
Within a few days of your shoot, I will send you a link to my favorites. You can pick up the DVD with all the pics before or after you choose your faves. Once you choose the ones you want to use, I want to make them perfect for you. You will be able to print from your DVD or you may order prints directly from me.

Q: Who do you suggest for make-up?
A: Included in the price of your shoot is a natural, clean make-up, done by me. You can take a look thru my blog, I do about 95% of the make-ups, guys, too. If you want false eyelashes and liner I suggest the Mac counter at Macy’s.

Q: How long should I allow for my $225. session?
A: It takes about 1/2 hour to get all ready to shoot and that time is on me. Then your shooting time is one hour. Allow an hour and 1/2 here at the studio. If you choose to go over one hour of shooting time, I charge in 1/4 hour increments at $30.

Q: What if I want to order prints?
A: You will have the DVD so you can print at home or at the local lab of your choice. Inside your DVD case, you will find a price list from my lab in California. They have done all the large photos you have seen on my studio walls. If you order directly from me I will review the order, retouch and look at best cropping depending on the sizes you choose. They ship free to me if you can pick up here or you can pay to have it shipped directly to you. 8×10’s are $17, very reasonable for quality printing. All sizes are available.

Q: What if I need retouching?
A: I will definitely want to retouch the ones you choose to use.

Q: I did my pregnancy session with you and I want to do my newborn shots with you too! When should I come with my newborn?
A: Truthfully I think babies are cutest, and still tiny, at one month. They seem to have a furrowed brow for a while when new, like they’re trying to figure out what is going on. At 1-3 months the furrow is gone and they are happy and trusting. Schedule your shoot when they start smiling at you!

Q: I have young children coming with me…any ideas to keep them entertained until it’s their turn?
A: Please bring another adult with you that the child respects. It is really hard to shoot and also watch children. Daddies, Grandmas, and babysitters are the best! We can put cartoons on tv but please do bring other things to entertain them.