A Sexy Shoot…what I can show you!

Dear Peggy Iileen,
Oh my goodness… WOW! My wife let me see the photos that you printed and the DVD that you created for us. I clicked from photo to photo, wrestling with the delightful dilemma of trying to decide on my favorite. I think I have narrowed it down to my top 175…
These are gorgeous. These are works of magic. Of spicy, playful, alluring, inspired art. I am very, very impressed.
Obviously, a session like that must have been difficult and fatiguing work for the artist and model both, but there is no weak link in these photo sequences. The t-shirt shots at the end are as vibrant and energetic as the opening sequence. I love the chiaroscuro frontal torso. I love the black pajamas, the brown dress on the stool, the pillow shots on the couch, the flexed poses in the blue shirt, the smokey eyed shots in the t-shirt.
We are going to have to decide how to best show these off.
Thank you for this gift.
I would write more, but right now I’m going to go back to my photo preview program and let the images cycle through again… and again… and again.
the Husband