80's Hollyweird, California

When I got my first 35mm SLR camera in 1980, it was my best girlfriend who courageously volunteered to be my model. I was on a shoe kick…hence the “jelly beans” on her hands…it was all about the shoes. I guess we sorta liked Cindy Lauper too. These pictures make me laugh thinking about how I coached her into doing these things for me and how much we would laugh after. Perhaps I’ll show more of the “80’s Hollywood Photographer” series?

I love it!! Please post more pictures from the 80’s, fantastic! That was so my era, hilarious. My oldest daughter loves 80’s things so she’ll get a kick out of seeing this. And the jelly shoes, oh my gosh, i’d forgotten about those! Thanks for sharing Peggy, looks like you had a blast.
Cindy Irene