80's Hollywood

This was my very first success. I sold this poster sized image to a podiatrist for his office. I found the shoes in China Town, San Francisco. They were made of cardboard and very un-walkable.
They sat on my mantle through the 80’s. Did you have socks like this, aren’t they back now?

Continuing on with my early 80’s shoe bender is the nun cooling her feet in the pool. What gets me in this photo is the apartment complex behind her. Hollywood is full of these “around the pool” apartments, stucco with crank out windows. Everyone knows everyones business and there are alot of characters in Hollywood. I lived across the street and the comedians that lived in my building took baths in the pool. Yeah.6wp
Wow, LOVE the pictures!! I think everyone who grew up in the 80’s had socks like those. What great memories that picture brings back. I love the nun splashing in the pool too. Great pictures!
Tina Johnson