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Engagement photos for Leila and Erik

Leila and Erik were high school sweethearts. They are both super smart! Leila is teaching A.I.

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Couples Photography here. . .

Glamour Photography for Cambria Trent

Cambria in the light. The light in her eye, the perfect spot where she is looking to see into those beautiful eyes…her beautiful hair and makeup. Thank you Cambria for posing for me! She is our local Windemere Real Estate Broker.

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Glamour Photography here. . .

Acting Headshots for Christy Taylor

Headshots from my Hollywood days…this is Christy Taylor, one of the Sirens in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” I was talking to a photographer friend recently about our studios in Hollywood. We were stylin’ if we had a north facing garage to shoot from! The second pic was taken at a house I rented in Van Nuys because of that light. North light was/is prized by artists. 

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Modeling Photos for Maija

Modeling Portfolio for Maija N. Why not when you are fifteen and cute as a bug! Maija is a for real roller derby girl.

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Modeling Photography here. . .

Dating Photography Eugene, Oregon

Dating Photos for Chelsea. I tell the people I shoot for dating sites to say, when someone asks, “why yes, I did have professional pictures taken for this. I was trying to attract YOU!” Chelsea said it was okay to post these. She says dating now is a full time job!

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Dating Photos here. . .

Actor Quinn Hansen from South Eugene High School

Actor Headshots for Quinn Hansen. I first shot Quinn in 2014 when I did an actor’s workshop with Rose Children’s Theater. He’s part of the amazing talent that comes out of South Eugene High School, much to do with the brilliance of drama teacher, Pat Avery.

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Actor Headshots here. . .

Couple Photography for Frank and Stephanie!

Cute Couple Frank and Stephanie. Oui, oui! Celebrating anniversary and love. Pics for the kids!

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Photos taken on Laverne and Shirley set!

Before I started photography officially, I worked on Laverne and Shirley. This is Cindy’s Mom, so proud of her daughter!

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