Senior Pictures 2018

2018 Senior Sessions designed just for you.
I have many backdrops in the studio.
If you want outdoor locations be sure to book in July, August or September.
You can choose studio, city or country locations for your senior pictures.

Senior Portrait photography for Alex…
senior picture photography for Alex Calevi in eugene, oregon

What’s your style?

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Also see previous years pics in the list to the right…and prices in the “info” pages.

Senior portraits for Alisa. She did her own makeup, I think she’s an artist!
senior pictures for Alisa E eugene oregonSenior portraits for Alisa E eugene, oregonsenior pics for alisa e eugene oregonmodeling portfolio for alisa e eugene oregonmodeling photography alisa e eugene oregonmodeling portfolios alisa e eugene oregonsenior and modeling portfolios alisa e eugene oregon

2018 is just getting started…see previous years in the list to the right!