Pet Photography

Sweet dogs and cats, each with their own personality. I suggest big colorful photography prints over your sofa to make everyone in your home smile every day!

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A pet portrait session for Buttons was a graduation gift from Margaret’s mom. Mom had a pillow made with the pics, so Margaret can take her pup with her while she adventures this summer in Europe!
pet photography for Buttons in eugene oregonPet portrait photography for Miss Buttons eugene oregon

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Meet Boomer…a 4-1/2 year old Flatcoated Retriever that lives with Tom and Jeannie Thompson.
His portrait was a gift won at the Greenhill Art for Animals Auction.


Rin and Tin Merfeld pups!

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pet portrait photographer in eugene, oregon

Oreo is a working service dog with “Dogs with a Cause”…

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Sue Rosado is an artist. She paints animals and wanted to take a picture with a cat.
I volunteered Gracie. After all, I’ve told Gracie to get a job many times!

business headshots Sue Rosado artist eugene oregon

Gracie loves being a studio cat!

Reading to cats at Greenhill Animal Shelter with kitty lovers Zoey and Aurora!

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Julie Wisely-Mobley, the newest member of the Yoss Realty Team, will be employing Jax as her marketing assistant!

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Nicole, Scout and Olivia!

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Laura and Nakeeta. Laura was in my modeling class years ago and just got home from 4 years in the Airforce. Nakeeta is a Savannah cat.

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Kat and family! Queso, Tofu and Pepper!

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Barb and Gizmo!

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I am so pleased to announce the 2014 “Puppy Love” Calendar benefiting Greenhill and
1st Avenue Shelters. They are $25 each and will make perfect holiday gifts.
A Win-Win-Win gift! Get them today at either shelter or ask me!
A BIG thank you to the Eugene dogs and owners who gave their time for this project.
I enjoyed every minute with them and had fun putting the calendar together too!


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Oona Oui Weber, a 4 year old Papillon…

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This is my kitty Gracie!

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Miranda and her ferret!

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This is Caramelo, a 10 week old Austrailan Sheppard.

pet portrait photography by peggy iileen in eugene, oregon

This is Charlotte, an 11 week old Pit Bull mix.

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This is Izzy, a 6 year old Golden…with puppy energy!
Be the Ball!

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Cute, tiny Lacey is about 15 weeks and is Carin terrier/Maltese.

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Mabel is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and is 13 weeks old!dog-photography-eugene-oregon-dog-photographer-eugene-oregon-pet-photographer-eugene-oregon-pet-photography-eugene-oregon-pet-portrait-photography-eugene-oregon-pet-photography-studio-eugene-oregon-

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This is Angela’s pup Boomer!

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Rose’s pup is part of the family!

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Louise and her dog Sophie!

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The McGill family includes the dog, of course!

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the Pinch family Holiday card. An EASY way for everyone to have a fun face!

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Truman is two!
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The Ward family
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