80's Hollyweird, California


In the 80’s I had a thing for my Barbie Doll. I shot her in many different circumstances, some I could never show…Mattel would not like it!
I sold the Barbie and Ken in the candy image to a greeting card company and the words inside the card were “We’re made for each other.”
The other photo was taken at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip.
I had some crazy ideas, but we were all trying to out-crazy each other in the 80’s.
I made the Barbie Album Cover (“Barbie Live”…get it?) on the building the old fashioned way, shoot,
cut and paste.

I love it, keep the photos coming!! My 16.5 year old is really into the 80’s (clothes, photos, music, etc.) and I love the nostalgia! Oh goodness…..meeeeeeeeeeeeeemories….. :o)

peggy iileen, EugenePhotographer.com

Senior Portraits in Eugene, Oregon
I loved the photoshoot and I love the pictures. They are going everywhere and anywhere I can put them!

from Peggy to Brittney…
Oh good! You are a remarkable young woman outside and in!

Thanks Peggy, for being so professional, kind and fun to work with. With the other daughter graduating this year I’m sure we’ll be a repeat customer. You did a fantastic job!!
Tina (Brittney’s mom)

Here’s a comment from Ed, the Joy Professor:
WOW – my high school headshot looks like it was taken by an automated camera at the police department.
These are stunning. Fantastic photos and delightfully positive model.
They brightened up my day.
Thanks – From Lowell OR

Business Headshots in Eugene, Oregon

Jennifer Wells, Tech Aid Institute

Kathleen’s “Lap of Luxury” Lapdesks, made in Eugene, Oregon
They look great, I love the red on red and all the other colors, the blue shirt, the black and blue lap desk cover. And your other photographs are spectacular! You get better and better. I love the babies on the leopard chair and in the chest. Everyone looks great outdoors and the new borders look like so much fun. Fun career you have!
Kathleen Hogan
Lap of Luxury Lap Desks