Note from a dad…

Peggy Iileen,
I’d like to say thanks, albeit woefully tardily.
You created such a cool experience of my son’s senior photo session!
We found working with you simply wonderful in more
ways than we ever expected. We knew that we would
get really nice photos. What we didn’t expect was the subtle but
profoundly uplifting new way my son views himself in the world.
As his dad, it’s been so enjoyable to be a part of this.
When I really thought about it, it seems natural that working with you
would be of such benefit on many levels, given your obvious
mastery of the art, science, soul and spirit of imagery.

Actress Jen Starr

Jen is on her way to Hollywood for 3 months of intensive acting training.
I see her as a young Sandra Bullock as Sandra was in “Speed”.
I could also see her on “Army Wives” or “CSI”, and oh, so cute in commercials.
The camera loves her.

Update: 2/23/09
She has an agent! I made a call to an agent I know and Jen will arrive in Hollywood, with an agent!
Oh, that feels good! You go Jen!
peggy iileen

Truman is 6 months old! Mommy and Daddy are so proud!

I have been getting so many compliments. Everyone says that Truman could be in a Hannah Anderson or Baby Gap ad. I must agree. You painted a beautiful array of smiles, poses, clothes changes and props that really high-lighted our little Ru! You are a master craftsman. It is hard to believe that you did it all in under an hour too.
We are bringing the cards that you gave us to our Birth to Three classes next week to pass out.
Expect more clients soon! Wonderful job.
You are truly a genius and it shows that you really have a way with children.
Thank you,
Stephen W. Derminer

Thank you Affair of the Heart!

Thank you all for stopping by my booth at Affair of the Heart!
I thought it was great fun…fun to play with friends and I met alot of new friends too.
Girls Rock!
I had so many entries at my booth to win a photo shoot.
Congratulations to Tina Smith of Cottage Grove!
She has won a $150 photo shoot including the CD of all her pics.
I will post her winning photos here after we do her shoot.
till we meet again!
peggy iileen

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